choosing a photo booth

When you’re planning a wedding, party or event, there’s a long list of decisions to be made. They don’t all have to be hard work, though – choosing a photo booth for your event is easy once you know what you’re looking for.

Our first piece of advice is to think about the space you have for your guests and what other entertainment you’re laying on; we’d definitely advise contacting us at Glitz n Glamour Photo Booths first. Then, think about who’s invited. Will there be children? Are any of your guests disabled?

Here’s a rough guide to choosing a photo booth for your event.

Small event photo booth hire

boutique photo booth

If you’re hiring a small wedding venue, you could consider the boutique booth which can adapt to most spaces and comes with a choice of exteriors and backgrounds.

It’s great for most weddings, birthday parties and events where there are older children due to its size but doesn’t work so well with the littler ones – you might end up with just the tops of their heads in shot (although you can pick them up if you wish).  It’s a great booth for school proms too.

Choosing a photo booth for large events and weddings

supersize photo both

Throwing a big bash? The supersize photo booth is your friend. It’s unique in East Anglia due to its amazing 15-person capacity and we’ve had loads of fun with groups of guests all wanting to be in on the action.

You will need a little more room for this one, but it’s well worth it especially for larger events, parties and weddings where there are smaller children attending. The supersize booth is also wheelchair friendly, so ideal if you have any guests with disabilities who want to don a daft hat and pose for the camera.

Who is the fairest of them all? Mirror booths

Our fabulous interactive mirror booth is proving very popular with people who love a full-length selfie. It’s great for bridal parties or corporate dos where you want to show off your party frock or add some glamour to the party. It comes with its very own red carpet!

interactive mirror booth

If you’re choosing a photo booth for a party, this one is ideal for all age groups, including children over the age of five, and is accessible for wheelchair users too. It’s sophisticated and fun, just like the best events, and can accommodate up to ten people…with all guests getting a set of prints from every session (as with all of our booth packages.)

Props and party fun

Whichever photobooth you decide on for your event, we also have a huge selection of props that will make you giggle. Some of our guests seem to love the ridiculous – fish and chicken heads or even the poo emoji hat (which is super popular with kids for some reason…). More glamorous guests can go for selfies with speech bubbles telling the world that the camera loves them, or pouting with wigs, hats and glasses. We even have some cute Alice in Wonderland themed captions – “We’re all mad here!”

Get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to help you with choosing the right photobooth for your event.