If you events is based in Essex , Suffolk, Cambridgeshire or London there will not be any extra delivery charge. We also now operate in West Yorkshire & Lancashire For other areas a small allowance maybe added to cover petrol costs.

We cover all of the UK but mainly operate in London, Essex, Suffolk & Cambridgeshire.

Booths can take 1 to 2 hours to set up depending on your venue and which booth you have chosen for your event.

All booth types require 1 standard socket with 13 amps. Ideally this should be placed within 5 metres of the booth.

Both our open booth & super booth are designed to allow wheelchair and pushchair access. Also our booths have multiple camera positions allowing the camera to be placed at eye level for small children and wheelchair users giving a more natural look to the images.

Sadly no. The booths are temporary structures and not wind resistant or water proof. However they can be placed inside a marequee with even ground and a suitable power supply.

Super Booth 2.5m wide x 2m high x 3m long

Standard Booth 1.2m wide x 2m high x 3m long

Open Booth 1.2m wide x 2m high x 2m long (minimum)

Extra room for a table for signing the guest book & props is also required.

A minimum of 2 copies are printed of each session automatically. Guests can request extra copies as well as being able to download digital copies from our website.

A copy is also placed in a guest book where a customer has requested a guest book signing.

All weddings & private parties have guest books and a copy of each session is added to the book with guests able to leave personal messages.

Where a venue has adequate wi-fi connection guests can instantly share their images on Facebook and Twitter. For guests wishing to use Instagram they will need to email the photo too themselves first.

For the organiser of the event all images will be supplied on a USB memory stick in digital form. Guests will have access to our online gallery system where they can download their images for FREE.

All the photo booth rental are manned by our fully trained professional photographers to ensure your event runs smoothly. We only use professional photographers as we believe as well as having fun that you should have a world class product to admire.

Standard photo booth can take 4+ people.

Open Photo Booth 15+ people

Super Sized Photo Booth 15+ people

All photo booths have two camera positions to allow for guests to stand or sit in the booth. This ideal for young children as they too can use the booth. Most photo booths can not accommodate this!

If you are looking to have FUN then our photo booth rentals are ideal for your indoor event. We are regularly hired for Weddings, Birthday parties, Charity events & Corporate events.

Most photo booth rental use amateur photography equipment or webcams to produce your photos along with badly coloured lighting leaving orange and green casts on skin and wedding dresses.
We pride ourselves on our quality. We only use professional grade digital SLR photographic equipment and two studio flashes to ensure that we can create professional photographic quality images.  Our cameras are regularly calibrated to ensure colour balance is always perfect. By using flash we ensure that every image is of the highest quality and you will look your best.

Photo booths are extremely complex and require a lot of components to work successfully. Rest assured we use only professional grade equipment that is regularly serviced. Our booths also have a certain amount of redundancy built into them, so most minor failures can be overcome almost immediately.
In the event of a major failure the booth can still be successfully operated by the booth attendant who is also a professional photographer who is always on hand.

To secure your event book all you need to do is pay the booking fee of £75 with the remaining balance being due 30 days prior to your event.

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