Magic Mirror Booth Selfie Booth

The most recent addition to the Glitz n Glamour photo booth repertoire is the Magic Mirror Booth, perfect for adding a bit of pizazz to any party. We absolutely LOVE it, but if you’re not sure about whether a mirror booth is for you, here’s a rundown of the best reasons for booking…

It looks awesome

Impress your wedding or party guests from the get-go when they walk in and spot the super-glam Magic Mirror Booth waiting for them. From our experience, it won’t be long before they are getting their selfie on and posing up a storm – with or without props.

A selfie mirror booth is stylish and looks different to a traditional, enclosed photo booth with a cubicle and curtain – it’s elegantly framed, surrounded by twinkling lights and comes complete with a red carpet and ropes to give a celebrity feel. You’ll feel like an A-lister!

The Magic Mirror Booth is interactive

Your guests can engage with the selfie mirror booth using the touchscreen interface. It’s a mirror with a personality… we can set it up so that it talks to you, and who doesn’t love a mirror that will actually tell you how great you look?

More guests and more fun

Because the Magic Mirror Booth is open and not in an enclosed cubicle, naturally there are more options for fitting everyone in. We’ve already had over 20 people in one single shot before, although we don’t recommend QUITE that many at a time – we think anything up to ten is best.

It’s great for smaller people – kids can use it (and will love it) and fully accessible for wheelchairs too.

To add to the mayhem, we’ve got a huge selection of silly props to perk up your photo shoot. Add a wig, hat or glasses, grab a caption board or even pose in a TV screen picture frame. The props table is one of the most popular at any event we go to…

It takes up less room than a traditional photobooth

A Magic Mirror Booth is more compact than a traditional photo booth. As a result, it’s adaptable to pretty much any venue, even the most select and intimate parties. It can be used in larger house parties, as long as there’s power, although you’ll need to think about where to put it if you don’t have much space. Especially if you want the full VIP effect with the ropes and the red carpet. Give us a call or drop us a message if you want advice.

Full length photos you can keep

Magic Mirror Booth

Our photo booths aren’t just for show; they give you and your guests a fantastic memento of the event. The Magic Mirror Booth offers fantastic high-quality full-length shots – and we give each guest a set of their shots from each session. There really is no limit to the selfie fun you can have!

We upload all the pics to an online gallery after the big event, so that you can download them for your own use. We also sell larger prints of individual shots on request (ask us for details).

Contact us now to book the Magic Mirror Booth or talk to us about which booth is best for your event.