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After a wedding ceremony, most people want to get down to enjoying themselves, and the main thing they’ll remember is the fun they had at the reception. The dresses may have been beautiful and the food perfect, but the part of the evening when everybody was in stitches because someone convinced a slightly inebriated aunt to have her picture taken in a photo booth with a fish on her head – that’s comedy gold and will go down in family history.

Not more wedding photos?

Photographs are a major part of a wedding, but let’s face it, nobody really enjoys being told to pose while the photographer takes yet another shot of the bride’s family. The informal shots are often the best at a wedding, the moments when people are enjoying themselves and letting their hair down. These are the things that make memories – candid images of people laughing and having a great time.

A wedding photo booth is a fantastic way to capture your guests enjoying themselves that will remind all of you of just how much fun your wedding reception was. Everyone gets to join in with silly props, poses and memories to share.

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Wedding favour with a difference

Instead of wedding favours, which are gone in an instant, a photo booth can be a great way to give your wedding guests a memento of the day to keep. A handful of macarons in a pretty bag look good on the tables but a set of personalised prints from a photo booth session is a lasting gift that means so much more. And there’s no limit to the sessions that your guests can have – some of them might find a real affinity with the camera and be in and out all night long.

Keepsake to treasure

You’ll also get a fantastic keepsake with a wedding photo booth; a guest book recording every session in the booth with a personal message from your guests. It’s all part of the service – a great wedding reception gift to the happy couple, full of treasured memories and lovely messages. There’s bound to be the odd cheeky comment in there too, depending on your choice of guest…

Wedding photo booths are the entertainment everyone will enjoy

The evening reception can be a bit hit and miss entertainment-wise. Some people won’t enjoy a cheesy disco or live band, others will complain about the food, but a photo booth tends to have a wide appeal across all age groups. There’s something about a photo booth that people can’t resist, and everyone likes to have a giggle with some oversized glasses or a comedy wig. So, if the musical entertainment isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, just point them in the direction of the photo booth and they’ll be sure to have some fun.

A photo booth is an affordable way to give your guests a bit of extra entertainment at your wedding reception. You won’t have to worry about a thing – set up is done behind the scenes and the booth is manned for the duration of your booking time by a booth ‘butler’ or attendant. Everything will be taken care of from the props to the printing and you’ll be presented with a book full of memories afterwards.

If you’re looking for an affordable, hassle free and most importantly, FUN way to give your wedding guests a little bit extra, a wedding photo booth is your answer.